Birthday Parties

Give Your Child A Birthday Party That Will Be Remembered Forever!

There are a lot of options when it comes to Birthday Parties for children. You want to make the best choice. We make it easy.

Martial Arts Birthday Parties are safe, structured, fun, and affordable. As a parent, you want your child to have an extraordinary Birthday Party. It is their special day, and you want it to go perfectly, right?

Our Martial Arts Parties are amazing! We understand the importance of a child's birthday. Our professionally trained staff knows how to provide your son or daughter with an overwhelmingly spectacular day of fun and excitement.

You can sit back and relax, because we do it all. Let's face it. It is difficult to enjoy your child's party, and spend time with the parents of your child's guests, while entertaining 20 to 30 energetic children. Let us do it for you.

Sit back and enjoy yourself. We do it all. We aren't "good" at it. We are "great" at it. Your child will be thrilled. It isn't easy, but we make it look like it is! You will be impressed.

Our parties have become legendary because we do not cut corners. Your child's birthday happens once a year. When it comes to Birthday Party fun and games, we are very serious! Let us deal with the pressure, while you get to relax.

Your child deserved to be the "star" of his or her party. We hear it all too often. Parents have their child's Birthday Party at a place where all of the guests had a good time, including the Birthday child. Your child is not a "guest" at their Birthday Party, your child is the "star."

Children love Martial Arts because it is so much fun. Parents love Martial Arts because it is safe and structured. It is the perfect theme for a day of action-packed adventure. 

Here is what parents and children say about Martial Arts Birthday parties...

"This was the best Birthday Party we've ever done, and we've done them all!" -Jackie H., mother of 4.

"I want to have my party next year, too!" -Robert G., child, 7 years old.

"We recommend Martial Arts Birthday Parties to any parent who wants an incredible experience for their kid." -Chris and Chelsea N., Jimmy's parents

"They did absolutely everything. I didn't have to do a thing. My daughter loved it. It was her favorite present." -Christine L., single mother

"My party was awesome! I wish I could do it again!" -Carla B., 9 years old.

Here Is What We Offer...

  • Our Spacious, Fully Equipped Facility
  • An Energetic, Cheerful, Professional Staff
  • Martial Arts Themed Fun and Games
  • Pizza and Juice Boxes
  • Plates, Cups, Napkins, Plastic ware, and Table Cloth

We recommend you supply the Birthday Cake.

Here Is What You Do...

To guarantee you get the date you want, please book your party at least 3 months in advance.

Step 1. Completely fill out all the require fields on the side of this page.

Step 2. You will get an email response from us, confirming your date and time.

Step 3. We will call you, and arrange the handling of invitation and special requests.

Thank you for choosing a Martial Arts Birthday Party for your child. It is going to be incredible!

Benefits of Martial Arts Birthday Parties

  • Pizza and beverages for up to 20 children
  • Gift Certificates for all Guests
  • Invitations and Mail Outs
  • Martial Arts Themed Plates and Cups
  • Board Breaking

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