Beginner Kickboxing Fitness Classes Enrolling In May

You are invited to experience the most effective and exciting fitness program ever created at The Academy For Martial Arts in Orangeburg.

Our Kickboxing Fitness classes are the BEST KEPT SECRET for building a stronger body, sharper mind, and a non-quitting attitude!

With The Academy For Martial Arts Kickboxing Fitness Classes In Orangeburg You Will...

  • Burn Over 800 Calories Per Session
  • Build Lean Muscle While Burning Ugly Fat
  • Increase Your Flexibility And Endurance
  • Develop Functional Self Defense Skills
  • Look and Feel Your Personal Best

Are you looking for a workout that will get you into the best shape of your life?

Do you want to start an exercise program that you will actually look forward to?

Can you invest a few hours a week in yourself?

Register Now For Our Kickboxing Fitness Quick Start Program! It's Only $19.95!

Quick Start Includes:

  • An Orientation Lesson
  • One Group Class
  • Kickboxing Gloves and a TAMA T-Shirt
  • Upon enrollment in our $159 per month beginner course, you will receive an official school T-Shirt for FREE!

This course has an actual value of over $249.00! We offer it because more than 90% of the people who try our classes decide to join!

Our Beginner Program rate is only $159.00 per month!

You want the best of everything life has to offer. Choose the best Kickboxing Fitness program in Orangeburg, Rockland, and Bergen County to build the body you deserve!

Just fill out the short form on the side of this page to get all the information you need to get started with The Academy For Martial Arts' Kickboxing Fitness classes!

Benefits of Kickboxing Fitness

  • Rapid weight loss as the pounds magically disappear!
  • A lean, healthy and attractive body
  • Razor-sharp senses and lightning-fast reflexes to protect yourself in any situation
  • Unbreakable concentration and self-confidence

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