Sensei Harnett

Sensei Jackeline Harnett began her Martial Arts journey in 2001. Her serious approach to training led to tremendous progress and an overall shift in lifestyle. Sensei Harnett started out her career as a volunteer, assisting with every aspect of running a full time Martial Arts program. Her strong work ethic and passion for serving others, evolved into 50 and 60 hour work weeks. In 2009, Sensei Harnett became the Manager/Program Director of the Martial Arts school where she had spent a big part of her Journey. After successfully serving as Program Director, Instructor, and Manager, Sensei Harnett now owns and operates The Academy For Martial Arts in Orangeburg, NY. With the assistance of a well trained and dedicated staff, Sensei Harnett runs an extraordinary program with an active student count of over 275 students.

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